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09:28pm 29/10/2010
We're really in limbo right now.

The year is coming to a close and we're waiting to find out where we'll be living in January. I've stopped hoping for anything in particular, I just want to know if I should be enrolling Rune in music class or not. I want to know if I should volunteer to host play groups next semester.

Most probable situation: John leaves for CT in January leaving Rune and I in SC for 13 weeks on our own. We finished an additional 6 months in SC and then move to CT next November-ish

Most Ideal situation: Finish 6 months in SC, all of us restation to CT around June-ish.

I just want to know. This is the first time we've had no idea what it is we're going to be doing two months from now.
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11:30pm 10/03/2010
Would like to start blogging again, especially since I'm pretty sure no one reads this anymore.

Life has been pretty mellow as of late. I haven't worked in four weeks and I don't miss it. Good practice for when our kids come along I suppose.

John and I took a trip to Charleston the other day and had a lovely time. We looked at several apartments, three of which I really liked the look of, though unfortunately the apartment on dragon ave is out of our price range so we will not be living on the coolest street ever. I think we picked the apartment closest to base, a little sad it was the only one we looked at without the pool, but the amazing kitchen makes up for it. This is all dependent on my husband passing his classes and graduating of course. I worry about him doing so but this is on him, I can only pester his so much to study, this one will be on him. We took a carriage ride in Charleston and got to look at all the old arcetecture. I will be very aware of the different styles in the future. I want to take Caramon on the same tour when he comes down in August

Its been 8 weeks and my body still hasn't recovered from our miscarriage, which is terribly frustrating. I honestly expected to be pregnant again by now, but I suppose that's not what's right for us at this point in time. I twice have expected to adopt since my miscarriage as well which is heart breaking. I hope the babies that haven't gone to us will have wonderful homes and wonderful lives.

We are currently hosting a guitar hero party, of course no one got here until 10:30 and I'm hoping to get up in time to get to Zumba. In addition to not being ready to have another baby I have gained more weight since being pregnant than I did when I was, which is horribly upsetting and frustrating and my husband doesn't understand at all, so I just don't mention it. I've created a step target of 8,000 steps a day to keep my active even though I'm not working anymore.

Thats about it, thanks for reading if anyone is out there. :)
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08:16pm 01/03/2009
Woo-hoo snow day!!! (I'll be sad if Sylvan decides to open anyway :( )
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Writer's Block: If Animals Could Talk  
08:14pm 01/03/2009
If you could ask your pet any question (and they could answer you), what would it be?
Skif, why do you try to dig a hole in the carpet around your food bowl?
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04:11pm 13/02/2009
The idiot plummer who installed our hot water heater did a crap job and our pipe burst TWICE and flooded our upstairs and leaked through the ceiling to the downstairs ruined the ceiling and now I have to listen to these four industrial sized fans all weekend so that our homeowners insurance will cover the damage. I am SO not happy about it. And to all this the plummer had to say "yeah, I had a feeling it was going to break again." Claims adjuster is going to LOVE that........

At least we have proper coverage and we don't have to pay for most this.
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Visions of My Life  
08:39pm 16/11/2008
I've been getting bored again lately. I managed to keep myself entertained since I got out of school last year, but the arts and crafts really are not doing it for me anymore. I'd really like to get back into writing, I was getting pretty good before i stopped. I guess my problem is I don't really have anything to write about. I've always written fan fiction, maybe I should try to write some historical fiction or something of the like.

I've also been thinking about doing something completely diffrent with my hair. I've always had long blond hair and I'm a bit tired of it. Everyone and their mother dyes their hair blond and it boring. I probably won't go too dark since I am naturally so pale, but maybe some nice red highlights.

I still love my job more than I ever thought someone could like working. It really really doesn't even feel like going to work I just enjoy all the people I work with and I love what I do. It makes me sad that in two years I'll have to go find another job. I'll probably stick with Sylvan, they're everywhere.
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07:46pm 15/04/2008
I swear that wow piece of crap is going to get delete off the computer just out of spite.
mood: frustratedfrustrated
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08:30pm 15/03/2008
We played DnD all night last night and it was so awsome. I"m playing a female half elf bard who just happens to hate my husband's charecter's guts. John H. is an AMAZING story teller. Before we got started he sat down with me for an hour working on my history. John made me sing in role play during preformances, it made it interesting ::loves the story::

One more week until spring break!!!
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09:16pm 25/06/2007
my cat is the best most wonderful cat in the whole world and I love him ^_^ Yay Skif!
mood: happyhappy
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06:31pm 10/04/2007
I don't feel well. And I'm lonely and cranky.

Can someone get me some 60's war music to have my class listen to.

Teenagers exaust me.

Lately I have been driving 80 miles a day, working from 7am-4:30pm, seeing my husband on weekends and working on projects for the house. Our first project will be organizing our bedroom. I decided to paint it an ashy-purple color with a white and ivy border. We will be using our dark green drapes. I want to get a tapestry for the wall as well.

John graduates next week and I'll be going to see him.

my phone is a pain in the ass. I get stupid messages all the time and it will not show me the fucking number that is calling me. I need to stop getting messages in the middle of the fucking night so I can sleep. I think I need to start turning the phone off when I go to bed. Once upon a time people did not call or send messages in the middle of the night.

Oh, and i haven't slept in three nights.
mood: crankycranky
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